Golden Guinea

Golden Guinea

Gender: Stud Male
Colour: Brown
Date of birth: 21st June 2005


The sire of our finest cria in 2012, Barnacre Picolina with a 16 micron fleece (SD 3.8) and 100% comfort factor.

Proud, well built and with the most uniform colouring we could find. With excellent coverage he cuts a big fleece weight (4.1kg for his 5th fleece) and has a very, very friendly character which he has so far passed on to all his progeny.

Sired by the successful Legacy of Purston, Golden Guinea’s show success includes:

  • 1st in class at the 2006 Royal Fleece show.1st in class and reserve champion brown male at the 2006 South of England show.
  • 2nd junior brown male at the 2006 National show.
  • 2nd intermediate brown male at the 2007 East of England show.
  • 1st in class senior brown male at the 2010 Border Union show.
  • 1st in class senior brown at the 2010 Scottish National fleece show (268 entries, the biggest ever in Europe).
  • 2nd in the Sire’s progeny (Barnacre Meketaten, Lady Godiva and Lavender-Bee Tatiana) class at the 2011 Border Union Show

Barnacre Meketaten sired by Golden Guinea (solid brown female DOB 15th June 2010) was awarded 1st place intermediate, brown champion and reserve Supreme Champion at the 2011 Border Union Show. At the 2011 Westmorland show she was awarded 1st place intermediate brown female and brown champion. The judge, Liz Barlow was so impressed she gave Meketaten a ‘special award’ (the first time we have ever heard of this!) and described her fleece as running your hand through a silk carpet and suggested that breeders and the public alike should check her out, which they duly did! Meketaten also won 1st junior brown at the 2011 Scottish National fleece show with a stunning elite fleece score of 75.5 beating many white fleece scores. Finally, Meketaten was 1st intermediate brown female at the 2012 Northumberland County Show and Brown Female Champion.

Golden Guinea sired a brown cria in 2009, six in 2010, 5 in 2011 and 2 so far in 2012. His progeny at Barnacre are solid brown and and fawn, with lots available for inspection. Every one has inherited his super friendly personality!

Registered with

British Alpaca Society

Fleece Statistics

2006 Fleece Statistics (1st fleece) 17.9m SD 4.1 CV 22.9 1.7% » 30m
2008 Fleece Statistics (3rd fleece) 25.4m SD 6.4 CV 25.2 15.2% » 30m
2009 Fleece Statistics (4th fleece) 24.1m SD 6.6 CV 27.4 12.3% » 30m Curvature 32.3°
2010 Fleece Statistics (5th fleece) 27.8m SD 7.0 CV 25.3 25.8% » 30m Curvature 28.1°
2011 Fleece Statistics (6th fleece) Awaiting results
2012 Fleece Statistics (7th fleece) 29.3m SD 6.3 CV 21.5 36.6% » 30m Curvature 27.4°
2013 Fleece Statistics (8th fleece) 26.7m SD 5.8 CV 21.7 33.8% » 30m Curvature 33.8°