Flown the nest

Some of our herd who’ve flown the nest.



Born: 6 July 2007
Colour: White
Alice is a very impressive Australian import who is sired by EP Cambridge Stormcat and her grandsire (dam’s side) is NWA Ltd Ruffo, one of the world’s most legendary alpacas.

She has a compact frame with excellent conformation and an equally impressive fleece, which is full of character, very bright and dense. She is confident, happy to eat out of hand, inquisitive and enjoys catching the attention of nearby males. Alice liked the look of Golden Guinea however we had other ideas and she was mated to our white herdsire Gianmarco’s Masterpiece in 2009 producing a fantastic male cria we called Kazuo (Japanese for first son). Alice now lives with Colin, Jill, Lisa and Karl at Willowbank Alpacas in Leicestershire and she is pregnant to Legend of Spartacus.

Angelus 2 oct 2008 herd book


Born: 31 March 2006
Colour: White
Angelus is a compact girl with a huge personality who would much rather eat from your hand than the trough. She always meets you at the gate at feed time! Matthew and Cathy Lloyd of EP Cambridge imported Angelus from Australia in 2008. She is sired by the world renowned multi-supreme champion Jolimont Gianmarco, and has the amazing fleece you would expect from such an outstanding pedigree. Angelus was pregnant to the amazing Legend of Spartacus and produced a very special white boy on 22 August 2010 (called Ivory Star) for Pauline and Bob Cameron of Wheelhouse Alpacas in Yorkshire.

Aodhfin-1 July 2008


Born: 17 June 2008
Colour: White
A stunning white boy from the union of Imala and EPC Top Account, Aodhfin (“Ay-fin”) is Gaelic for ‘white fire’ and we hope he will be setting the world alight in the show ring over the next couple of years. He was 6.52kg at birth and acquired his mum’s personality, developing into a very sweet friendly little boy who loves to play. He is particularly close to Barnaby his half-brother. Aodhfin is very talkative and loves to have a (humming) conversation with you, he is also happy to eat from the hand and loves his AD&E paste! Aodhfin has a great fleece which will produce super soft, warm winter clothing. He was weaned on a cold snowy 14 December and is halter trained. Aodhfin now lives at Lavender-Bee Alpacas.

Aria 25 jan 2009 herd book


Born: 30 September 2001
Colour: Dark Fawn
Aria is a very laid back independant girl who is happy to let the rest of the herd squabble whilst she does her own thing. She will eat from your hand and is always close by when a new bale of hay is being opened. Aria is a shelter dweller and it is very rare you will see her wet or frosty in a morning – the girl has sense! She gave birth on 14 May 2009 to Heidi, a beautiful mid fawn girl sired by the renowned stud Accoyo Killawasi. Aria was pregnant to the charming Golden Guinea and gave birth to the fabulous fawn Tatiana on 26 June 2010 at Lavender Bee Alpacas (can you see their protector Barnaby in the background!).

Barnaby 20 September 2008


Born: 6 June 2008
Colour: White
Fourth cria of Gabby, who was infatuated by him, and her second son. The arrival of Barnaby saw the bond between Gabby and Imala strenghen, or rather Imala take on full time baby sitting duties until her own baby arrived. Barnaby was our first EPC Top Account cria. He was also our second heaviest cria at 9.2kg and by 23 August was 22.9kg – watch out Chiquita he’s catching you up! Barnaby was weaned on 14 December and we have noticed he tends to be the last one to rise in the morning, he obviously likes his bed! Barnaby now lives at Lavender-Bee Alpacas.

Duke 28 Aug 09


Born: 22 June 2009
Colour: White
Just like his elder brother, Barnaby, who lives at Lavender-Bee Alpacas, Duke was another of Gabby’s mummy’s boys! He is a very loving boy and loves to chat and exchange kisses, Duke knows his name and lifts his tail in acknowledgment. His early trick in life was to (succesfully) beg some of Heidi’s bottle from Debbie.

Duke is now owned by Jayne at Zanzibah Alpacas and lives in Scotland.


Ellie May

Born: 11 May 2011
Colour: White
With big parents like Princess Mallika (fawn) and Legend of Spartacus, Ellie May was always going to be a generously sized girl and her birth weight of 9.17kg put her on a good start. She was not as mature as her fellow weanlings, Celestial and Emery and so we decided to leave mating her until 2013.

She is very calm, like her mum, and has an abundance of soft white fleece with her first one measuring 135mm, a mean of 21.4 microns, standard deviation 4.8 and 4.9% over 30 microns.  Ellie May is now owned by Rivenherd Alpacas and has produced a lovely white boy.

Gaussian 28 aug 08


Born: 6 July 2008
Colour: White
Our first cria from Bozedown Viscount, and taking the record heavyweight title from Barnaby by 0.1kg to weigh in at 9.3kg at birth. This is a great example of alpaca colour breeding being an art not a science. The same combination of dam and sire two years ago produced a brown female! His birth caught us on the hop when we went to show Carol and Dave (our regular manure collectors and gardening enthusiasts) the herd to see him lying on the floor, kushing (sitting) immediately and feeding within minutes! Like his mum, Geena, he was humming loudly from birth and has hardly stopped since. We wondered what the definition of white noise was and apparently, “the term Gaussian white noise is commonly applied to a noise signal in the spatial domain which has an autocorrelation which can be represented by a delta function over the relevant space dimensions” so Gaussian (“Gaw-see-an”) it was! Unfortunately Geena was light on milk in 2008 so we tried to top Gaussian up with powdered alpaca milk and then with full fat Goat’s milk. His appetite was low, so we nicknamed him “Colin” (family joke…). You can read about our ‘challenges’ with Gaussian on Debbie’s alpaca blog. By 14 December 2008 his weight peaked at 15.9kg but then fell back until 4 January to 14.3kg. Since then he gained weight slowly and on 1 May was over 21kg and has now been weaned. Gaussian is halter trained and has even started eating camelibra! Gaussian now lives at Lavender-Bee Alpacas.

Horatio 29 May 2008 - 2


Born: 5 May 2008
Colour: Black
Second cria of Mary and first son, Horatio was the first Barnacre cria of 2008. He was a healthy 7.94kg born to the great entertainment of Becky and Pete on Bank Holiday Monday, causing them to get home many hours later than planned. He is certainly not a retiring character in fact he is Trouble with a capital “T”. Since he was two weeks old he has been jumping on the pregnant females, and he started eating (adult) Camelibra (food supplement) at 12 days old! When your dam (mum) is Mary you are hardly going to be ‘normal’! His sire (father) is Hornblower (of Farrlacey) so what else could he be called other than Horatio (Latin for time, and he certainly took his arriving with a 13 month gestation period)?! Horatio grew fast and on 12 July was 22.5kg – we stop weighing around this level and use other ways to measure growth and health. Horatio was weaned on 14 December and is halter trained. He was awarded 3rd place (intermediate black) at the Northumberland county show. At the 2009 Scottish National Show Horatio was awarded 1st intermediate black male and best black in show. Horatio now lives at Lavender-Bee Alpacas.

katia herd book


Born: 12 October 2006
Colour: White
Katia is a well built imported Australian girl who is sired by Jolimont Manfredo. She has good substance of bone and excellent conformation with an equally impressive fleece, which is full of character, very bright and dense.

Katia is a cautious girl who tends to shy away from human contact and hide within the herd, however once caught she is easy to handle. Mated to one of our elite white studs, Legend of Spartacus, she produced a very special white girl, Ginny, on 6th August 2010. Katia now lives with Colin, Jill, Lisa and Karl at Willowbank Alpacas in Leicestershire and is pregnant to Gianmarco’s Masterpiece.

Kazuo 19 June 2010


Born: 15 May 2010
Colour: White
Kazuo, meaning first born son and he was just that, for his mum Alice and dad Gianmarco’s Masterpiece.

He is a well grown boy who has a very impressive fleece, even at such a young age.

Kazuo is very friendly and is sorely missed now he is at his new home with Colin, Jill, Lisa and Karl at Willowbank Alpacas in Leicestershire.

Milly herd book1


Born: 23 July 2006
Colour: White
Milly is a well grown girl with an athletic frame. She was sired by the well know EP Cambridge Accoyo Remarque. She has a fantastic fleece, which is fine and dense, and we are expecting she will cut a heavy weight which will make fabulous knitwear.

When Milly first arrived at Barnacre she was very close to her half sister Molly and they were never far apart. However, she is now happy to do her own thing and she is usually one of the first to arrive when the hay bale is uncovered. Milly was pregnant to our elite stud Gianmarco’s Masterpiece, and produced a spectacular 9kg white girl called Anastasia on 7 September 2010 at her new loving home, Lavender-Bee Alpacas.

Ochre 15 aug 10


Born: 28 May 2010
Colour: Brown
From Kate, our medium grey girl with attitude, and the super chilled and proud Golden Guinea, Ochre (“O-ker”) is nosey, very friendly and has a smashing brown fleece any hand spinner/knitter would be desperate to get hold of!

Ochre is constantly on the look out for mischief whether it be annoying other herd members, poking his nose into whatever we are doing, or running along side some poor unsuspecting horse and rider.

Ochre is growing fast and so is his fleece which has exceptional length, he is certainly going to take after his fathers high fleece yield.

In 2012 Ochre and 3 of his friends moved to Peebles and now live with Stuart and Jean.

Pearson 15 Aug 10


Born: 18 June 2010
Colour: Fawn
This is Pearson, named after our good friends Carol & Dave Pearson (knitter and button man), who spotted him just born in the field.

With an amazingly chilled out personality, Pearson is a draw to all his adoring fans! He is quite vocal and perfectly happy to be stroked, especially if a bit of carrot is on offer!

In 2012 Pearson and 3 of his friends moved to Peebles and now live with Stuart and Jean.

Rory 15 aug 10


Born: 27 July 2010
Colour: Cream
Rory is Geena’s 2010 son and as with all Geena’s cria he needed a little milk top up from the bottle. Thankfully unlike his brother Gaussian, Rory liked his milk!

He is not as brave as the other boys he grew up with although he certainly doesn’t get pushed around! Rory is a very loving little boy who enjoys his food and is happy to feed from your hand.

Rory’s fleece is supersoft, fine and has a nice character, it has gone down really well in the Barnacre knitwear range.

In 2012 Rory and 3 of his friends moved to Peebles and now live with Stuart and Jean.

Wynfor 2


Born: 15 July 2010
Colour: White
This is Wynfor (“Win-vor”), son of Imala. We were thinking of changing his name to ‘carrot’ because he loves them so much (just like his mum).

His fleece is fabulous, no doubt inherited from his superstar dad, Legend of Spartacus. Perhaps he might make stud grade one day as well?

In 2012 Wynfor and 3 of his friends moved to Peebles and now live with Stuart and Jean.


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