Training courses

If you are considering the alpaca dream and have access to at least half an acre of land (or want to make use of our livery services) you are half way there!

Our approach

We offer you two initial bits of advice (as well as go for it of course!) based on our years of experience and the fact that before we bred alpacas we both had office jobs and the biggest animal we were responsible for was a cat from the RSPCA! We now have a herd of around 300 friendly champion alpacas including 5 Supreme Champions, numerous Champions, Reserve Champions and first places; not bad eh?!


  1. Alpacas will capture your heart and/or can be a great and enjoyable business venture. They are fleece producing animals and so it is sensible to invest in good quality alpacas, anything else will be false economy (we can explain why and save you a lot of time and money…).
  2. Alpacas are generally shy and nervous although regular handling from a young age and trust with their ‘keepers’ can make them friendly and much more manageable. Make sure you know that after you buy your alpacas you’re going to get the support you might need.

Barnacre training

We used to do “formal” training courses, now we provide bespoke support, at no cost, to the wonderful people who decide to buy our alpacas.

Maybe you’re an alpaca expert or maybe like us back in 2007 you’re taking a leap into the unknown. We will provide as much or as little help as you need for example optimal feeding, physical evaluation, body scoring, shelter, fencing, land management, husbandry, halter work, handling, fleece assessment and breeding. Finance, tax and business planning support are also available.

We believe in looking after our alpacas and you so we’re there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year by telephone, text, Twitter and email.

In providing this support Debbie draws on her years of hands on alpaca experience and knows all our alpacas in remarkable detail, feel free to test her out! She is also dedicated to making high quality handmade alpaca goods and on the odd ‘hour off’ will reach for her spinning wheel! Paul is a successful entrepreneur and qualified Higher Education learning expert (he also likes his alpacas, driving his quad and tractors – not always in that order!).