Meet our herd

Having spent time researching we initially started the Barnacre herd with three breeding females, a mum, her daughter and their friend, Duchess, Blossom & Willow.

Since the initial three girls we have added a wealth of world renowned genetics and a mix of colour and now have a herd around 400 strong, which includes several alpacas on livery and a few who have been sold and will be delivered to their new owners very soon. 

Meet our herd

As our herd has grown the individual personalities have shone through and family traits are very evident. For example, Willow and her six daughters (she’s only ever produced girls for us) are last for everything, food, bed, the dust bath and even the toilet queue – yes alpacas wait their turn for everything.

Whilst you can never have favourites there are a number of special members of the Barnacre herd who will stay forever, like Hughie (Hughie Barnacre on Facebook), who was born slightly prematurely and needed help from Debbie for the first few days of his life and now thinks he needs to protect Debbie, or little Nelson, one of our black alpacas who even at the age of 10 looks like the average six month old and is a firm favourite with our visitors.

Knowing all of our alpacas by name and their individual personality traits, it means we are able to match alpacas to peoples specific needs. So if you can’t see something suitable on our sales page please get in contact and we can probably help or know where we can source something suitable.