Redens Dicaprio

Redens Dicaprio

Gender: Stud Male
Colour: Brown
Date of birth: 27th July 2019


When we saw Dicaprio at the 2022 National Alpaca show our jaws hit the floor in amazement. He was already a champion in the show ring, and he stood there on the carpet in the show ring at the Telford International Centre looking quite sublime. He came 3rd that day in the adult brown male class, although judge Mary-Jo Smith said that there were two parts to the class, the top 3 and then the others. She also said on a different day the order of the results might change. We listened carefully to those words and we only had eyes for Dicaprio. We think he is an absolute lovely brown superstar!

After a little, OK after a lot 🤣 of gentle persuasion, Linda and Ron Mackintosh kindly agreed to entrust Dicaprio to us, along with a couple of his black friends, Chieftain and Cromwell. He arrived 5 July 2022 and the brown bunting was out in celebration. We’re very excited by the way!

Dicaprio has great substance of bone, a fine and highly organised dense fleece, and a quite wonderful personality.

Genetics – His pedigree is top drawer. His sire is Fowberry Constantine and grandsire Fowberry Nobility are Supreme Champions then we have EPC Top Account and Jolimont Commisario. On the dam’s side there is some great Australian quality with a range of colours.

Fleece – Here at Barnacre we make luxurious knitwear traceable to individual alpacas and so fleece quality is really important to us. Dicaprio passes that test! His uniformity of fineness, colour and density are wonderful. He had a big growth spurt/was well fed, for the year ended March 2022 when he put on 20kg to reach 73kg and there is probably some correlation there with the 2022 average micron increase, so we’re not too concerned about this.

Personality – a gentleman and a pleasure to lead on the halter, influenced by Ron and Linda and time on the show circuit.

Colour – Solid medium brown

Progeny – 2 or 3 due at Redens in May 2023 and our first is due in June 2023. Exciting!

Show success

2022 National Halter Show – Huacaya Adult male – brown – 3rd

2022 Scottish Alpaca Championships – Huacaya Adult male – brown – 2nd

2021 Eastern Region Fleece Show – Huacaya Intermediate male – brown – 5th

2021 Eastern Alpaca Group Halter Show – Huacaya adult male – brown – 1st

2021 Eastern Alpaca Group Halter Show – Huacaya – brown male – Champion

2021 Midlands Champion West Shire – Huacaya adult male – brown – 3rd

Registered with

British Alpaca Society UKBAS36366

Fleece Statistics

Average  micron SD CV % > 30 Length Curvature Weight
2021 2nd fleece 17.8m 3.5 19.6 0.4% 110mm 42.9°
2022 3rd fleece 24.2m 4.4 18.1 7.6% 100mm 37.7°


Pedigree-UKBAS36366-Redens Dicaprio