Gender: Stud Male
Colour: Brown
Date of birth: 17th August 2016


This is an exciting cocktail mix of brown wonder!

Sired by Inca Darwin who has given us many brown and black show successful offspring Anubis is just like his dad, muscular and proud dad with a good dense fleece. Crucially, and too often overlooked his dam is part of our brown champion winning female line, she is Barnacre Meketaten – holder of the 2nd best brown fleece in the world alpaca show, 3 brown championships and holder of a Reserve Supreme Champion. Meketaten’s sister also holds 3 brown championships. This is a deep and very rich brown pedigree.

Anubis has a solid show record taking Champion brown and Best British Bred Alpaca at the 2017 Yorkshire Alpaca show. He was awarded 2nd place in the 3 other shows he competed at.

This is brown, brown and more brown!

Anubis has now moved into the big boys group and is asserting his dominance, he’s certainly going to make sure he’s high up the pecking order.

Anubis has 6 progeny so far, 3 browns and 3 fawns.

Anubis is currently adopted by Esther Goldschlager.

Registered with

British Alpaca Society

Fleece Statistics

2017 Fleece Statistics (1st fleece) 16m  SD 3.7  CV 23.1  0% » 30m Curvature 37.5°
2018 Fleece Statistics (2nd fleece) 21.6m SD 5.1 CV 23.5 7.8% » 30m Curvature 40.6°