Gender: Male
Colour: Fawn
Date of birth: 28th April 2020


This is Ziyad, everyone’s favourite! His name is Egyptian and means “to add” and he is certainly a keeper!

He is rather special, his mum started to deliver his inside the placenta so Debbie had to break the sack quickly to help get him out.

Ziyad has a congenital defect called choanal atresia which means he has a blockage somewhere in his nasal passage so he snorts a bit, it may be something that needs surgery but the vet is hopeful that he can manage without as apparently the surgery isn’t very nice!  He was also starved a bit of oxygen at birth so is a little ‘special’.

Ziyad is currently adopted by Sheila Baker, Amanda Williams, Jennifer Brophy, Alice Osborne, Andrea Kershaw, Ruth Brooksbank, Tiffany Fletcher, Louise Wilson, Karen Soady, Laura Armstrong, Aylin Metzner, Devin Renca, Vicky Butler, Viktoria Klaus, Susan Gilies, Abi Shearing, June Scatchard, Helena Hegedova, Helen Hudspith, Pearly McLaren, Becky Liddle, Vicki Jenkins, Lauren Rogers, Ruby Sheikh, Jackie Kennedy, James Talerico, Bilqis Muzaffarr, Tony Hopkins, Aude Boutillion, Grace Holmes, Ella, Graeme Krzysiak, Kelly Wallace, Chelsea Williams, Emily Naylor, Fiona Barclay, David Forward, Natalie Lighten, Nadine Farrow, Roberta Craig, June Clewley, Helen White, Lisa Littlewood, Sally Harker and Michelle Holder.