Super Sponsor (£20 per month by Direct Debit)


Super Sponsors can sponsor a particular alpaca or the whole herd! Includes gifts and visits (in person or virtual) The price is £20. per month payable by direct for UK customers, more for overseas due to higher postage costs.

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Get an adoption pack through the post with your adoption certificate, a colour photograph of your alpaca(s) and some exclusive information about the personality and history of your new fleecy friend(s).

Receive a parcel or box through the post 3 times a year with gifts, some of them are limited edition with only a few made! You’ll never get the same gift twice.

Personalised passes to come and visit your adopted alpaca in person or by video twice per year.

Join us on a feed round in person or by video once per year.

Email updates from your fleecy friend(s).

Super Sponsor is £20 per month if you live in the UK due to higher postage costs it’s $35 in the USA and €30 in the Eurozone. You can cancel at any time, although we hope you won’t 🦙😍. Subscribe by pressing the UK, USA or Eurozone buttons below, filling in your bank details to set up the direct debit and then we’ll email you to make sure everything is set up correctly for example to confirm your alpaca and to take some more information if it’s a gift for someone. Direct Debits are collected from your account on the 1st of every month.

*Visit limited to 15 minutes unless upgraded to walk and talk, one name per adoption.


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