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This is a new and fun way for you to be involved in our world of Alpacas, and gain a wooly new friend while you’re at it!

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This is an easy and fun way for you to be involved in our world of Alpacas, and gain a wooly new friend while you’re at it! All the money from our adoption club is used to care for our alpacas on things like feed, medicines and specialist help when needed.

If you’d love to be a Super Sponsor, receiving wonderful alpaca themed gifts for a monthly fee please go to our website to sign up here

The annual adoption pack makes a fantastic gift and includes a colour photograph of your chosen alpaca, your adoption certificate, plus some inside gossip into the personality and history of your new friend. Your name will also appear on your animals meet the herd profile!

The adopter and a friend are welcome to visit and see your new alpaca friend twice (by appointment) during your adoption year, you’ll receive all the info you need to know on how to do this. You will also, get an update on their progress and hear any news about what’s gone on for them, if you would like frequent updates please let us have your email address.  You can upgrade your visit to one of our walk n talks with a £5 discount if you would like to walk an alpaca (please note not all the adoption alpacas can be walked).

You will also receive a unique discount code for money off all online purchases.

Most of the Barnacre herd are available for adoption so why not visit the “Alpaca adoption” section of our website to see who takes your fancy. Don’t forget to have a look and consider being a Super Sponsor while you’re there!

Please advise what name you would like on the adoption certificate and any special start date, for example a birthday or anniversary.



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White (Oonagh), White (Jasper), White (Thor), White (Oscar), White (Keano), Fawn (Pablo), Light Fawn (Curio), Brown (Ra), Grey (Sunburst), Grey (grigio), Brown (Meketaten), Brown (Vonga), Brown (Anubis), Black (Liberty), Black (Nelson), Grey (Haydes), Black (Nightshade), White (Nancy)