Bird & Pet Nesting Material


Treat the birds or your pet rodents to the best nesting material there is.

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Treat the birds or your pet rodents to the best nesting material there is.  What ever the weather conditions it is great to look after our feathered friends and pets. Birds love to take alpaca fleece to their nest. Pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and gerbils love to build their nest with it!

Details of the alpaca that donated the fleece is included with each pouch and we have a variety of colours to choose from.  The price includes second class postage.  Great for your pet hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels and other nesters too!

Nest material is available from most of the Barnacre herd so why not visit the “Meet the Herd” section of our website to see who takes your fancy.

Don’t forget to put food and water out for the wild birds.


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White, Fawn, Brown, Grey, Black, Mixed